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What key points should be mastered to correct the CNC turret

Source: Qingdao Donghe Technology Co.Ltd.,    Release time:2019-01-26    Reading volume:800

Mould correction of NC turret punch is very important for NC turret punch. Therefore, we need to master the key points of rectifying the die position of NC turret punch. The following details are introduced for you.
CNC turret punch is equipped with two turrets, that is, two turntables, which are called the upper turret and the lower turret respectively. The upper turret is equipped with the upper mould, and the lower turret is equipped with the lower mould. In the process of using NC turret punch, if the upper and lower turrets mentioned just now are not good for neutrality and have not been aligned, the consequence is that the actual blanking clearance of the die is offset, which results in the passivation of the die, which is likely to cause the gnawing of the die, reduce the service life of the die, and cause problems in the die. The workpiece will be burr with poor quality. And these two turrets are positioned separately, so the rectification of the NC punch die is often present. Here, we remind users to equip a set of precision to meet the requirements of each station to center the mandrel, which will be often used in the use of equipment, in the following points we will mention its use. Next let Xiaobian points out that the key points needed to be grasped in correcting CNC punch die position.
(1) Check the balance of NC punch, whether the equipment is level, if inclined, need to be readjusted until the level;
Check the die holes and guiding keys on the CNC turret, and repair or replace them in case of damage.
(3) Check the smoothness of the die base under the rotating tower of the NC punch, the wear of keys or keyways, and replace them in time if the damage is serious or it feels necessary;
The automatic indexing station (rotation station) with frequent use should be checked regularly.
(4) calibrate the mould positions with the center mandrel, if any deviation is adjusted in time.

Above is the introduction of the key points to correct the die position of NC turret punch, hoping to help you understand the NC turret punch.