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Qingdao Donghe Technology Co.,Ltd. (Trademark: DOOHE) was established in 2002 as a state-level high-tech enterprise. In 2012, the company successfully listed in Qilu Equity Center, and in 2014, the new third edition of the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system was listed, with the stock code of 830975.

The company has dozens of professional R&D personnel, all equipment are independent R&D, to provide customers with comprehensive technical support. Independent research and development of CNC punch has dozens of national technology patents, has been awarded as a national high-tech enterprise, with 59 utility model patents, 5 invention patents. And many times by the local government as a scientific and technological innovation of advanced enterprises. Excellent technical strength, was awarded as Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center, independently developed CNC platform type, CNC turret type, CNC thick plate type, CNC beam flat type, CNC beam three-sided five series of hundreds of CNC equipment, strong technical strength has become the leading vanguard in the same industry. The equipment is imported from Japan, FANUC, SIEMENS and Spain. The motor is servo motor of FANUC and Japan. The machine bed adopts the whole stable welding structure of thick steel plates, all of which are cleaned by emery blasting. The turret is made of high strength ball-milled cast iron and finely processed to produce high-precision thickening turret. With advanced technology and excellent management, the company strictly checks the process, material selection, production, inspection, production, logistics and other links, closely cooperates with each other, so as to realize the traceability of all information in the whole process and ensure that each product conforms to the quality. Quantity standards, to provide customers with customized products and services to meet customer needs.

The company is committed to enhancing brand connotation through technological innovation and enhancing corporate reputation through quality pursuit. By providing a package of technical solutions to meet customer needs. Dong He company provides high quality and high quality CNC equipment support for customers at home and abroad.

Our company has produced several CNC punching lines for Nantong Gaokai, Futian, Chang'an, Shenyang Jinbei, FAW, FAW, Second Automobile, Heavy Truck, Beibeng, Chery and so on, which have been put into use in manufacturing and processing enterprises of automobile longitudinal beams all over the country and have brought huge profits to enterprises. The CNC punching line of the automobile longitudinal beam produced by our company has been praised by the users in terms of design novelty and quality since it was delivered to the users for use.

At present, the types and specifications of CNC punching line for automobile longitudinal beam are as follows: according to the arrangement of die, it can be divided into turret type and in-line type; according to the bed structure, it can be divided into open type and closed type; according to the form of processing longitudinal beam, it can be divided into three-sided CNC punching line for automobile longitudinal beam, flat type punching line for automobile longitudinal beam and closed type hydraulic pressure. Thick plate CNC punch press.