Thick Plate Punching Machine CNC Punching Production Line for Automobile Girder

CNC punching production line for heavy truck beam plate, hyd

Product characteristics:

  • Introduction of equipment
  • Equipment quotation
  • Mold distribution
  • 1. host structure:

    The main machine adopts closed bed frame structure, the structure is stable, the mold is good to neutral, the mold life is long. The slide is guided by a heavy - duty guide and bears partial load. Four guide rails have strong anti-deflection ability and good guidance. Stamping power is hydraulic, 120 tons of power. It adopts double oil cylinder to withdraw the material, which ensures the reliable punch is pulled out from the workpiece and reduces the chance of breaking the punch. The main engine moves back and forth on the sliding table, realizing Y - direction CNC machining.

    Linear die has the characteristics of rapid mold selection and easy mold change. According to the processing requirements of the longitudinal beam, the molds are arranged in double row or single row.
          The die is divided into two parts, the die part is all installed at the bottom of the slide block of the press, the punch is installed in the guide sleeve of the upper die seat. Each punch is installed independently and can be disassembled and assembled conveniently. There is a bullet device in the middle of the punch to prevent waste from being taken out by the punch. The part of the lower die is fixed on the working platform of the press. The lower die fixed plate is of separate type, which is convenient for adjusting the die clearance, ensuring the service life of the die, as well as for maintenance and replacement of the die.

    The mold is made of high quality materials, and the steel has better hardenability, strength and toughness. After heat treatment, the mold has better hardness and toughness, which greatly improves the service life of the mold and is suitable for heavy plate punching.
    For each punch, there is a pad on the upper part of the punch and the cylinder of the push-up pad. The pad corresponding to the stamping die should be inserted into the upper part of the punch, so the punch cannot be moved up and down in the die hole for punching. Other punch after hitting the plate material can be relative to the sliding block in the hole back up, do not press operations.

    As a result of the punch structure, input modulus control and other measures, the waste does not rebound.

    2. Feeding device 

    Loading device is composed of bracket, moving beam and driving device, electromagnet and lifting device. The cylinder drives the beam forward and backward and accurately positions it. The lifting beam is driven by the motor through the driving shaft. The electromagnet is mounted on the lifting beam.

    The electromagnet generates electromagnetic attraction after being electrified, which can firmly absorb the sheet material. The magnetic property remains when the power is cut off, and the magnetic property disappears when the current is given to the opposite side, realizing automatic feeding.

    The sucker suction is about 200kg/piece, 4 to 8 suckers (determined according to the specific conditions of the workpiece) to ensure the safety and reliability of the sucker plate, and the sucker and its electrical system are purchased from abroad.
          There is a bar on the fixed electromagnet beam that can move up and down, which can automatically detect the height of the plate stack. After the suction plate, it goes up to the highest position, and then moves horizontally to the upper part of the working platform, and puts down the material, returns to absorb the material again and waits for it to be loaded again. The automatic operation process is safe and reliable, steady and fast, and the impact is small when contacting with the workpiece.
    Clamp assembly

    The composition of clamp: cylinder, oil cylinder, electromagnetic valve, upper and lower clamp mouth, guide rail, guide post, etc.

    The working process of clamp: the cylinder is extended and the oil cylinder works. The upper and lower clamps move and the plate is clamped.

    The hydraulic thick plate floating clamp is used to protect the plate to avoid pulling and scratching. Place the sheet stock on the surface of the CNC punch press and clamp the sheet stock.

    3. Production line structure composition and processing direction

    The production line is composed of the following parts: automatic feeding device, four sets of X-axis feeding device, punching machine, hydraulic and pneumatic system and numerical control system.

    Processing direction: the longitudinal beam adopts the feeding direction from left to right, and the length direction is called X-axis. The base of X-axis is the front end of the longitudinal beam. The width of the longitudinal beam is the Y-axis. 

    4. hydraulic system

    The hydraulic system mainly includes: hydraulic pump station and its accessories, cooling device, system pressure control unit, punching control unit, pressure control unit, feeding clamping control unit and buffer control unit. Each control unit consists of the corresponding control valve set, pipelines and oil cylinders, etc.

    Hydraulic system assembly: hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve block.

    The valves are also ATOS of Italy and denison pumps of the United States. Their stamping speed is comparable to that of imported hydraulic stations, and their performance is stable, good and convenient for maintenance and maintenance.

    Nc system: FANUC, Japan

    FANUC 0i-pd numerical control system is an industrial control system specially designed for CNC punch issued by FANUC, which greatly improves the reliability of machine operation.