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What are the advantages of servo CNC turret punch press?

Source: Qingdao Donghe Technology Co.Ltd.,    Release time:2019-01-26    Reading volume:1508

Servo CNC turret punch is very popular after it is put into use. What are the advantages of servo CNC turret punch?
1, deep throat pneumatic clutch press, welding body, stable performance;
2. The ultra wide guide rail spacing of the feeding fuselage runs smoothly and ensures the accuracy of feeding.
3, the control system adopts special intelligent brand industrial control computer, and its performance is reliable.
4. Turret die has special structure, concise design, exquisite conception. The upper and lower die plates are locked and positioned accurately once to ensure coaxiality, and the die can be quickly changed by rotating the strike head.
5, the structure is mainly made up of three parts: special deep throat punch, platform feed fuselage and special automatic mold.
6. Software is simple and easy to learn, and has complete functions. CAD graphics is directly converted, and is convenient and quick.
7, thin oil automatic circulation lubrication, reduce the friction of all sports pairs.
8, the main transmission parts and electrical appliances are all imported.
9, high speed, high efficiency, high precision, noise reduction and energy saving.
10. Adopt advanced German Rexroth dual servo punch.

Servo CNC punching machine is mainly used in various sizes and shapes of pass processing, such as equipment panel, installation board of electrical components, metal furniture, kitchen utensils and cabinets. It can realize punching, shaping, rolling, lettering, and so on.