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What are the common molds of CNC turret punch press?

Source: Qingdao Donghe Technology Co.Ltd.,    Release time:2019-01-26    Reading volume:1888

The die of NC punch is also called NC turret punch, which consists of three parts: upper die, lower die and die base. Moulds in our life are divided into porous mould, louver and bridge mould, sinking hole mould and reinforcing bar mould, etc.

1. Porous mold
Porous die refers to a set of die can punch multiple holes at the same time, for the punching plate, the efficiency can be improved several times. When making a porous die, it should be ensured that the * distance between the hole and the edge of the plate should not be less than twice the thickness of the plate. Too small a distance will cause the distortion and deformation of the plate, affect the processing effect, and the connection between the lower die hole and the hole is easy to break.
2. Shutters and bridge models.
The shutter mold and the bridge die belong to the punching and drawing forming mold, belonging to the common mould of the cabinet. The following are two schematic diagrams of the mold.
3. Hole sinking die and press die.
The hole sinking die and the pressing rib die belong to the extrusion forming mold. The reinforcing bar die is mainly used for pressing small circular grooves on the flat surface equal to the reinforcing bar effect on the flat surface, and the processing is simple and beautiful.

Above is a brief introduction to three common dies of NC turret punch, hoping to help you understand the NC turret punch.